This dental implant is a unique dental implant developed after thorough research
 related to the ongoing quality of the connection between the bone and the dental implant.

Drilling Information

The recommendations presented in this drilling Protocol, based on long experience of specialists in the world. However it is important to examine each case on its merits based on the physician’s ability to perform the procedure, and the state of the patient’s jaw implant transpires with the beginning and there may be changes according to the situation.
In principle, we recommend using a drill that its diameter smaller than the diameter of the implant, in the case of soft
bone condition. Also, consider using a similar drill diameter implant intended for implantation in the case of hard bone in order to avoid trauma to the bone and ensure rapid bone building around the implant.


As presented in the introduction about the Active family implant.
The goal is to use this unique dental implant as a tool for transporting liquids and \ or special solutions designed to refresh the soft bone in the jaw.

Special holes at the bottom 
of the implant body and graft are used for transporting liquids from the implant after successful implantation process and

indefinitely when the implant is functioning as a basis for dental rehabilitation on the one hand, and as a tool for conveying the same fluid causes the processing of soft bone regeneration. This innovative Active implant is unique and exclusive to our company and reflects technological innovation and a major breakthrough in relation to prolong the life of dental implants and extending the medical care sucsess and life quality of the patient. 

The proposed maintenance using Active dental implant 
\ device contributes to bone reconstruction and revival of the soft tissues. The procedure involves performing the proposed maintenance is simple and friendly to the doctor and patient, and is in fact part of the routine care and maintenance required after dental implants procedure from time to time.