Our company specializes in designing computer aided dental elements . The planning department engineers have extensive experience in many areas Computerized mechanical design . Strength of materials. Simulation of assemblies and subassemblies. Metallurgy. Human engineering and product planning to use a simple stable and comfortable to the doctor and the patient. Dental product design requires a comprehensive scientific thinking concerning mechanical strength of the product and the ability to ensure the survival during transplantation as well as the creation of a precise strong connection and resistant to vibration and continuous wear. We are working on the continuous development of new products and improving existing products to ensure total quality so as to assure long-term success in improving the patient’s quality of life.

    Our company has a modern factory with high quality computerized machines very secure continuous and repeatable accuracy. Manufacturing operations based on a computerized manufacturing system and program management and monitoring of the different jobs and Very strict production process, controlled by skilled
    workers with knowledge and experience .

    Our company manufactures medical dental products during application and adaptation most stringent workmanship standards in the industry. The company’s products are tested in the production process and in the transition between the various productions stages by qualified Inspectors in accordance with the specifications defined of production procedures. Our company is certified to iso13485-2012 and carries the CE-1023 icon. Our company is working constantly to improve the quality policy and ensuring maximum quality level of the company’s products, all to ensure excellent products And customer satisfaction  .

    Packaging process is done in a clean room ensures purification level specified by the medical device for dental implants. Packaging room environment ensures hygiene product during the sterile packaging and ensuring long shelf life without any possible contamination of the product . This room clean environment suitable for international labor standards defined in the CE standard .